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Violence and truth

J.-L. Nancy:
Violence and truth have in common a self-showing act; both the core of this act and its realization take place in the image. The image is the imitation of a thing only in the sense in which imitation emulates the thing: that is, it rivals the thing, and this rivalry implies not so much reproduction as competition, and, in relation to what concerns us here, competition for presence. The image disputes the presence of the thing. In the image, the thing is not content simply to be; the image shows that the thing is and how it is. The image is what takes the thing out of its simple presence and brings it to pres-ence, to praes-entia, to being-out-in-front-of-itself, turned toward the outside (in German: coming out of presence-at-hand, Vorhandenheit, and into presence as Gegenwartigkeit). This is not a presence ‘‘for a subject’’ (it is not a ‘‘representation’’ in the ordinary, mimetic sense of the word). It is, on the contrary, if one can put it this way, ‘‘presence as subject.’’ In the image, or as image, and only in this way, the thing—whether it is an inert thing or a person—is posited as subject. The thing presents itself.

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